Penny Timmis SWA

Penelope Timmis was born in 1956 and now lives on her farm in South  Shropshire. She studied at the Froebel Institute in Roehampton and in  Shrewsbury. After a break to bring up her family she returned to  painting seriously approx 9 years ago. Since then, she has had various  solo and joint exhibitions and has sold regularly.

Now an established local painter she is also exhibitIng throughout Wales  and the West of England. Penelope won best entry with the Royal  Birmingham Society of the Arts (RBSA) in 2009 and was short listed for  the Daily Mail "Not the Turner" prize in 2004. A fellow of the Royal  Society Arts (RSA) she supports the community .... she supports Shelta  Cymru and their art auctions and presented an exhibition for the  Princes Trust.