Ken White

Ken was born in 1943 in Swindon. After leaving school at the age of 15 he worked in the railway yards for Great Western Railway following  his father and Grandfather.His interest in art led him to take evening classes at Swindon Art School where he passed A-level art, after which he wanted to be an artist. Ken moved to London and became a commercial illustrator, designing magazine and book covers. His big break however came after a chance meeting with a young entrepreneur named Richard Branson. He was asked to paint a mural for his London recording studio, so impressed with this Branson paid him a retainer for 26 years as his personal mural artist. Ken’s most recognised work is his painting of the “Scarlet Lady” featured on the nose of every Virgina aircraft. Ken has now turned his talents to recreating the historic railway working scenes. Depicting factory workers with their flat caps on their way to anfd from the factory are scenes he remembers well. His paintings are certainly gaining attention with Ken as busy as ever.

Man With Stick


Steaming Along


Collecting Timber


Home Alone


Indusrtial Town


Rail Workers in Motion


Closing Time




Homeward Bound


Baptist Church




Back Home


Early Shift


Home Time


Railmen in Motion


Pay Day


Early shift