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Darren Stevenson

Born 1966, Nottingham artist Darren, was always encouraged to paint, however, this never came in to fruition until later on in life. Darren is building upon a traditional process and theme. He works in oils and under an impressionistic guise. He blends this with modern techniques, abstract in style and by using ‘rabbit skin' glue he primes the canvas giving it textures and layers. Once dry, he uses layers of oil to achieve the desired effect, sandpaper where necessary and mixing contemporary colour he creates enigmatic seascapes. Darren travels up and down the English coast and France searching for perfect spots to paint. He paints what he sees, does not use digital aids and sometimes sits out for hours come wind, rain or shine to get the perfect scene. Darren studied technical perspective engineering drawings and it's these traits that give him the skills, patience and precision that he takes too his in-depth oil compositions. He creates an ambience synonymous of the British landscape and over the past few years his works have been displayed in galleries nationwide.