Alan Knight
Born in Swinton in 1949 Alan spent much of his life as a professional musician before starting to paint in the early 80s. His style has developed from earlier more abstract pieces into land and seascapes. He now works with a pallet knife and generous amounts of oil paint.
Alan works relatively quickly and with confidence that’s he has gained through the years. The thickly laid paint has huge amounts of texture and vibrancy and means the work takes weeks to dry. It is unmistakably an original painting, and one clearly created by a man who has an intricate knowledge of his environment and the paint he uses to convey it. ”I need to paint big. The painting knife in my hand is like a baton moving to impulsive internal rhythms that create the movement of thought and emotion on the picture’s surface.”
His landscapes are inspired by the local surrounds he has visited since a child. He is drawn to scenes with colour, texture and fantastic light. Alans work is the antidote to a grey northwest landscape. He looks for areas of colour, texture and fantastic light. His time in St Ives, Cornwall have increasingly become working holidays
Alans work is entering a new phase with collectors and casual art buyers paying close attention to his latest work. His work is a breath of fresh air as well as a sound financial investment.





White Van


Pots of Flowers






Northern Sunset


Street Scene